Green Ideas

We collect some green ideas. Do you have some more?

🌿 Bring a stainless steel water bottle. Motivate Restaurants to provide water filling stations.

🌿  Take a reusable shopping bag with you.

🌿  Ride bicycles instead of motorbikes. Stay cool!

🌿  Dispose your empty Pet bottles into a special Pet bin or bring it back to the Pet Station in A-Bay. WLAB

🌿  Compensate your whole trip (

🌿  Say no to plastic straws. Bring your own reusable straw kit.

🌿  Use reef friendly sunscreen and wax.

🌿  Choose your trip wisely. Get off the beaten path.

🌿  Slow down and stay awhile.


🌿  Keep your dollars local.


🌿  Visit parks and protected areas.


🌿  Choose sustainable accommodations and operators.


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