Watermusic’s cabanas are private and free standing rooms each with their own bathroom.
The cabanas are with double or twin share beds and three feature an open loft with a pitched roof above the front of the cabana that is perfect for relaxing during the day or sleeping by starlight in the evening.

Choose from "Jerry", "Miro", "Lani" or "Noa" cabana and each  has its own shaded retreat at the front.

Or go for the "Fooly" a natural, basic experience!



The main house of Watermusic has three comfortable bedrooms, with double or twin share beds available and two of the rooms enjoy ocean views.

Guests have access to a shared bathroom and extensive lounge areas.

All rooms Non AC.

Rates vary between 25$ and 60$ depending on the saison, length of your stay aswell as the number of person per cabana.
All prices including free drinking water.           



Peak Season coincides with the best swell period for the Aragum Bay point and is from mid May to mid Octobre. Discounted rates as well as the opportunity to enjoy the entire property (including the cabanas and entire guesthouse) exclusive to yourself, exists from November to mid May.

The Jerry Cabana
"A family dream"


-A huge stone cabana with enough space for a    familie or a group of 5 persons
-The room can be divided with a curtain in two parts

-It features a big open loft and a open air bathroom

The Miro Cabana
"Enjoy the sleep in the trees"


-Awesome point and garden view
-It features a storeroom and a open air bathroom
-Up to 3 persons.(Extrabed)

The Lani Cabana
"Great for groups or families."

-Up to 5 persons

-The room is devided in two parts. In each part there are two    single beds. Plus there is a sleeping area at the open deck which can be used in the day or nighttime.
-It also features a open air bathroom

The Noa Cabana
 "The couples heaven"

-cute and comfti
-Up to 3 persons.(Extrabed)
-It features a balcony and a open air bathroom


The Guesthouse Rooms

 "Clean and pricey"

-with double  bed / up to 3 persons.(Extrabed)
-extensive lounge areas
-ocean views
shared bathroom

The Folly

 "Basic, cheap a natural experience "

-for single travellers and hippie couples
-smell and hear the ocean (watermusic)

-point view