Questions and Answers


This is Watermusic! Take a minute to read


-Check out time: 11am


-Drinking water is included in our room price cause we try to reduce rubbish.
 Feel free to fill up your drinking bottle at the fill up station in the kitchen.


-Ask our staff if you’d like to get your room or toilet cleaned or if you need new bedsheets or towels.


-We kindly ask you to switch off the light and the ventilator if not in use and be economical with the water  


-The kitchen is open from 7am to 2pm and 3pm until 8pm.

-On Fridays its only open from 7am to 12am, but you can get soft drinks and juices the whole day.


-We’d love to prepare a yummy breakfast for you.
 You find the menu card at the bar.
 Find out about our 
lunch and dinner special or make a wish to our staff.
 Please order 
before 4 pm if you’d like to join for dinner.


-Put your gadgets and valuable stuff into the box provided.


-Our friends the squirrels, mice, ants and crows love your cookies or any kind of food.
 If you have food in your cabana, store it in the box.


-You can give your laundry to Fareed. He will get it washed. It’s 400 Rupees per Kilo.


-We can organize any kind of transport for you. Fareed can help you out.


-Haja is our night guard and takes care that we all have a good sleep.


-Take power cuts with a smile:) Unfortunately it still happens from time to time.

....and yes you can tell the neighbour to turn down the music!






 Green Ideas🌻

How much time does it take from the Airport to A-Bay? 🛫

It takes about 8 hours.

How much does the taxi cost? 💵

Approx. 110$

What kind of vehicle is it? 🚐

Its a Van.

Is there also public transportation to Colombo? 🚍

There are also direct busses from Pottuvil to Colombo.

Is there a ATM in A-Bay? 🏧

Yes there is a ATM besides Wateredge Hotel.

Do you need reef booties? 👞

The main point is reef. To enter and leave can be tricky.

While you surf, it's not a big issue.

Despite main point isn't a beginner spot!

All other spots are sand bottom breaks.

Is it possible to get surf lesson? 🏄

Sadly there are lots of surfschools (who push students into each other) and Fishermans, Tuc Tuc Drivers, Farmers a.k.a Instructors without any skills who block the line up :(

We recommend Amigo surfschool. Ask for Johnson. He and his crew are there for you!


When is the best swell saison? 🌊

July, August and September are the strongest months. But you never know....

Are there any surf shops? 🩳

There are two proper surf shops ( Dylans and Hideaway) which sell premium boards.

There are a plenty of small shops where you get wax, leash and other hardware.

They rent different boards from softies to shortys.

Some of them also repair your ding.

Is it possible to swim with Kids? 🏊

At the Southern end of the Bay there are hardly any waves breaking, so it’s pleasant to swim and take a bath with the kids. It’s called the Baby-Bay

Any Advices for women? 👠

It is a largely Muslim area and people are conservative.

We recommend wearing modest dress when visiting nearby towns or public spaces. 

(also for men!!)

No bikini and speedos on the streets!

Respect the local customs.


 Be aware of the wildlife 🐘
There are wild elephants, crocodiles, leopards, buffalos, snakes...

Act with respect. Don't be a fool.