A new motivated crew for season 24/25
22. May 2024
Stoked to introduce the new Watermusic crew

Let's celebrate 20 years Watermusic
31. December 2022
When we got started, we never could've dreamed that we’d still be a part of gorgeous A Bay in 2022—but here we are all these years later!

Green Ideas
10. February 2021
We collect some green ideas. Do you have some more?

04. February 2020
We moved it back from the shoreline and rebuild it like a tower a bit more inside the property.....

04. February 2020
myclimate is a partner for effective climate protection – both locally and globally....

14. May 2019
!NOW MORE THAN EVER! Let's start the season 2019! We welcome all Bros, Kooks, Seniors, Kids, Rippers, Sisters......

11. April 2019
We got this amazing photos from guests who stayed at Watermusic during April.

20. May 2018
...and fill it up with fresh water at watermusic

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